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Dental Emergency

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Dental Emergency

A dental emergency is a situation that nobody should ignore. Besides being painful, dental emergencies need urgent care to prevent further damage and a severe oral health issue down the road.

What you can expect

Our dentist will carry out a thorough examination and may need to take some dental x-rays to help diagnose and assess the extent of the damage. Once we have a clearer idea of what your dental problem is, we can:

  • Explain your treatment options along with any associated risks,
  • Provide you with a quote for the various options; and
  • Prescribe painkillers and medications to help you in the interim.
We may or may not be able to complete your treatment in one appointment, particularly if you have a dental infection that requires a course of antibiotics – but rest assured, our dentist won’t leave you in discomfort.

Contact Toukley’s Leading Dentist for Emergency Dental Services

If there is a dental emergency, be sure to call the dentist before arriving at the dental clinic for quality and affordable treatment.

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